XL Group partners with our clients to develop and deliver cost-effective and on-target training programs. Whether you choose a train-the-trainer approach or have XL provide the training resources and develop the material, we have a proven track record of delivering training that helps yield industry-leading adoption rates.

Often, effective face-to-face training can be accomplished with your sales force or customer service group in no more than one day. We recommend face-to-face training in regional or group meetings to reduce travel expenses.

Training is available in the following formats:

Face-to-Face Training
XL Group creates a training class plan to conduct a day session. Included with material will be the instructor notes outlining the key instruction objectives for this session and all suggested teaching aides. XL Group can supply the necessary trainers to conduct the actual training sessions as needed or we can train the trainer. Our experience suggests an optimal class size should not exceed 15 users.

Facilitated Web-Based Training
Using the same information and assets as a face-to-face session, the XL Group can host web-based, real-time instruction sessions with a group of users participating remotely. Based on our experience, this process is better for new-hire training where a small number of participants make a face-to-face session cost prohibitive.

Self-paced Online Learning
XL Group has a self-paced, online learning module that incorporates course instruction points in an interactive, online learning program designed for individuals to access independently, at their own pace. At the end of each module, users are tested on the material providing immediate feedback on comprehension and knowledge of the material.

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